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We create new solutions

Our products

  • Simple packaging system
  • Additional security measures
  • Convenient opening system thanks to the sealing tape
  • Sealing tape
  • Additional sealing tape - secure package return
  • Advertising feature
  • Possibility to create a unique design
  • Double-sided printing option
  • An element of image building and customer communication
  • Possibility to create an individual design
  • Unlimited possibilities for the form and shape of the stand
  • Quick and easy folding
  • Double-sided printing option
  • Perfect form of product display
  • Matching the requirements of retail chains
  • Transport feature
  • Advertising feature
  • Sealable without the use of adhesive tape
  • Double-sided printing option
  • The packaging can be designed according to Customer design
  • Possibility to make packaging from 3-ply and 5-ply cardboard
  • Packaging may be multi-piece (may include inserts or reinforcements)
  • Advertising feature
  • Perfect for shipping
  • Image building element
  • Pizza packaging
  • Wine packaging/bottle packaging
  • Beer carriers
  • Cardboard trunks
  • Seedling packaging
  • Fruit baskets
  • Confectionery boxes
  • Individual and customized designs
  • Packaging with holiday graphics
  • Print with greetings
  • Holiday gift packaging
  • Secure gift shipping
  • Corporate gift packaging
  • Replacement for gift bags
  • Holiday atmosphere - stands with holiday graphics
  • Cardboard figures - Santa Claus, snowman, reindeer
  • Cardboard holiday decorations with your logo
  • Boxes with a photo of the birthday person
  • Boxes with greetings
  • Marketing/PR packages
  • Gifts for employees
  • Personalized gift
  • Advertising feature
  • Image building element

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About us

The ADAMS company was founded in 1995 and has been growing steadily, having rebranded in 2019 and split into two brands:

ADAMS DIGITAL is a modern, rapidly growing Polish manufacturer of corrugated cardboard packaging with digital printing. With years of experience, we can design, print and deliver packaging for any industry.

ADAMS DIGITAL was created with the advantages of digital printing in mind, so we are not limited by the minimum order quantity, so we are open to any customer.

What we do

We produce

corrugated cardboard packaging

We print

using DIGITAL PRINTING technology